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Meet Luz

Girlife Facilitator and Coach


     I am a girl coach and speaker who started this heartwork in August 2020 as I saw the need in my community and the world to empower girls.  The pandemic has left a lot of emotional and psychological damage in our girls’ mental health.  I feel that now more than ever our girls need to be equipped with socio-emotional tools that will support them throughout their journey.  

     I know exactly how it feels as a mother of two powerful and courageous daughters whom have made me a better version of my self by overcoming the challenges of raising daughters.  I have been in your shoes when your daughter feels anxious, stressed, or depressed.  It can feel overwhelming trying to deal with your own responsabilities while supporting your daughter at the same time.  I know exactly how it feels! This is why I created this safe space for girls where they can learn to love themselves from the inside out by being equipped with empowering mindset tools.  

     As a teen, I experienced anxiety, fear, doubt and was judgmental of myself.  I carried multiple limiting beliefs from my parents and others I made up in my own head, which had a toll on my self confidence.  My life revolved around being nervous and anxious throughout my daily life.  I felt lonely and scared until I decided to take my power back by starting my healing journey.  I began doing my own inner work shattering the beliefs that no longer served me and looking into a brighter future.

     Coaching girls is my passion as I have seen the transformation that unfolds in each workshop from walking in timid to shining bright after a session.  The girls learn mindset tools on shifting their perception towards a positive and proactive perspective of life.  They are able to take their power back by practicing an empowering dialogue with themselves and those around them.


Join Our Next Open House Orientation

This is a safe space for mother’s to express their concerns about raising a confident and resilient daughter.  Let’s be real! We weren’t taught the mindset tools of motherhood, even if we read all of the motherhood self help books to prepare for this journey, we are constantly thrown some curveballs.  Your daughter has been one of your greatest teachers.  She has guided you to be the best version of yourself with messy action but you don’t have to go at it alone anymore. Let me help you put your mind at ease. This open house is an opportunity for moms, like you,  to get a sneak peak about what my heartwork is all about in the realm of socio-emotional intelligence.  I will give you an orientation of the powerful mindset tools I get to cover with the girls during my empowerment workshops and coaching program. You are not alone! Schedule a call today so we can strategize your next steps to empower your daughter to live out her best life.

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