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Arabella, age 10

(Norwalk, CA)

The best part about the workshops is to eat healthy snacks, meditate, and speak about our feelings. It really helps what we feel inside to get it all out sometimes.  I have learned to always be myself. I would tell my friends that it’s an amazing workshop that helps you learn more about yourself and what you can do by making you believe in yourself. I love attending the workshops because it helps me learn more about myself and experience things that I haven’t.

Leonor, age 13 

(South Gate, CA)

Before I never did things that were out of my comfort zone but now I use the tools to help me get out of my comfort zone. I tell myself three daily affirmations when I'm alone like how we did in the workshop. After the workshops, I feel more calm and patient, feeling better about myself. I would recommend these workshops because it helps with self confidence and makes you feel better. Thank you for the workshops it really helped!

Briana, age 13 

(South Gate, CA)

My struggle was feeling nervous because I thought that it would be hard but then when I started coming every Saturday and with my friend Izabella, I started getting the hang of it by overcoming my nerves. I began learning about taking care of myself and taking care of my body too. The result is that when I notice that I learned something new I feel proud of knowing and this makes me want to learn more things! I would recommend these workshops, if you want to help yourself and gain self confidence. In future workshops, I would love to do more self-talk topics!

Yamileth, age 15

(South Gate, CA)

I have seen results because I am more outgoing now. I like to make new friends. In the recent workshop, February 2022, I made a new friend and talked with many girls that were at the same table as me. We got to know each other and laugh at jokes. My mindset has also changed, like for example during finals week, I told myself “I got this,” “I can do this,” and “I will pass.” I was being positive to myself and it helped because when I got my score back from my math teacher, I had passed. 

Alyssa age 12

(Downey, CA)

What I like about the workshops is to do the crafts, I get to express myself through the crafts, and meet new people. I have learned breathing strategies to help me calm down.  I have also learned self defense to be aware of my surroundings, which was fun.  I like attending the workshops because I get to see my friends here and do cool crafts. I would tell my best friend that the workshops are really fun, you get motivated to do new things, and there are really fun snacks. 

Izabella, age 10

(South Gate, CA)

The best part about the workshops is that you get to learn about how you can be brave and express your feelings, what you have been going through.  I have learned to be brave and strong, to not say bad things about myself or other people.  I like coming to the workshops because I can talk to people and I can have fun with my friends. 


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