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Raising Courageous and Resilient Girls

Coach Luz Hernandez

Meet Luz

Girlife Facilitator and Coach

Helping stay-at-home moms, working moms, career women, and mompreneurs find a proactive way to empower their daughters in a fun and creative space.  I know what it feels like to try and do it all while trying to raise daughters. I lead girl empowerment workshops by creating an environment that inspires mindset growth, encourages taking risks in a compassionate way, and provides the freedom to communicate openly. 


The tools that the girls gain in each workshop encourages them to make empowered decisions to create the life they desire.  Each workshop includes an empowering craft that serves as a daily reminder to practice the tools.  We just added a nutrition portion where the girls create healthy and delicious recipes providing opportunities to try new foods.  Bringing awareness towards a healthy relationship with food which makes a difference in how we feel by connecting the mind and body.


My vision is to empower girls with the tools they need to succeed in life.  I want each girl to go after what they want without excuses, fears or judgement from any challenges they may face, instead they will experience resilience and persistence to reach their highest self everyday by choosing who they are first.  These mindset shifts will heal them inside out.  Nourishing the mind and body as an integral part to early development into their adult years.


What I Specialize In



Delivering mindset tools through mindful activities that are fun and interactive.  Learning environment



Nourish self love with empowering techniques by encouraging taking risks.

Shining bright from the inside out



Provide an environment of peace and tranquility where the girls are free to be themselves. Allowing ease and flow



Grow a community of like-minded friends where the girls feel welcomed and accepted.

A safe space



Create a safe space for the girls to feel connected to their emotions, free of judgment. Understanding that all feelings are valid

Remember who you are being in life is contagious so why not be empowered...

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She raves about it all weekend long and even into this week. She continues to ask when the next sessions will be and she begged me to sign her up. She said you were so nice and made her feel good about herself. My baby has a hard time trusting strangers and I am so happy she felt safe with you. Thank you for hosting and putting on such an amazing workshop for young girls.

- Griselda (Aubrey, age 7) South Gate, CA

My struggle before the workshops was that I was a shy person. I didn’t really like to participate as I was really insecure, I had a really negative mindset. The tools that Luz has shown me are to be confident and to overcome the shyness, like for example when she says ”This is a safe space there’s no wrong answer.” This makes me feel that what I’m going to share isn’t going be judged or isn’t going to be wrong so I can share what I’m thinking with the girls around me. She also taught me to be confident in myself, the workshops really helped me through my insecurities. Yes, I still get insecure here and there but I put into practice what she taught us and change my mindset from negative to positive thinking.

- Yamileth
(age 15)
South Gate, CA

I struggled with depression before the workshop, doing the jar/container activity made me release that and think of things differently. I also struggled with drinking vegetable smoothies and now I love them since we made one.  I learned to flow better.  I use it everyday.  I’m not depressed anymore! I feel better with life.  I will definitely recommend the whole workshop to other girls.

- Gabriella
(age 10) Johannesburg, South Africa

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