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Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Self-care is a popular topic nowadays. In this blog, I invite you to look at self-care from a different perspective and take on some mindful tools that will provide a peaceful state of mind. Self-care is the behavior that reflects self love in the way you connect with yourself.

Self care is a trendy phrase we constantly use. We see it everywhere in places like social media, commercials, magazines, and ads. You might ask yourself: What is really the meaning of self care?

Today, I invite you to look at self care from a different perspective and intention. Self care is a choice you get to participate in, making it an integral part of your daily routine.

I’ll give you three mindful tools that you can start practicing starting today. First, let’s take a look at what is not self care.

Self care is not doing what soothes you. Instead it is a balance to what feels good with what supports your mental and physical health. It’s all about the balance!

Self care is not expensive because you don’t need a fancy spa or vacations, in order to practice self care. Instead you can find things that help your metal health by regulating your emotions or recharging yourself with mindful activities… I’ll talk about these in a minute.

Self care is not selfish! Just because you are taking care of yourself or putting yourself first DOESN’T mean you are being selfish…on the contrary you are actually practicing self love. Remember when they tell you to put on the oxygen mask first? If you don’t put on the oxygen mask first, you can’t help those around you. You have to take care of yourself first!

Now that you are clear on what self care IS NOT let’s talk about how you can practice self care with these three mindful tools. Here is what I have learned about self care this past year and I continue practicing on a daily basis.

Taking the pause-

This would be taking time for yourself in a quiet activity, such as meditating, doing yoga, or just sipping your hot beverage contemplating the silence surrounding you. It's time to step away from the busy monkey mind to regain your thoughts. There are different ways that this can be practiced as you can also read a book, take a walk, or do an art project. You will be tapping into your genius zone where creativity and imagination will spark.

Asking for help-

Wow! This is a big one for women as we always want to do it all and help everyone. Here’s the reality check: you don’t have to do it all! Start by speaking positively to yourself. Many of the times we tend to be hard on ourselves, even more on our tough days. Check your inner dialogue is it being positive or negative. Talk to yourself in empowering ways and reach out by asking for help when you need it.

Setting healthy boundaries-

It’s ok to say no! Check in with yourself before giving an answer and see if things align with you first. Always stay committed to your well being by dropping off the people pleasing. Protect your space from any negativity by being in tune with your surroundings.

I hope these mindful tools resonate with you. Friendly reminder that it’s one day at a time and being consistent for greater results.

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