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Does Your Daughter Need a Boost of Self-Confidence?

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

What does self confidence look like? We are all different so self confidence might look different for you, depending on your perspective. The importance is for our girls to discover their uniqueness and embrace it with kindness and compassion by creating safe spaces to express themselves.

When we were kids... We were completely carefree!

We had a complete sense of trust in ourselves.

As we got older, we got conditioned by different fears and beliefs losing that sense of trust in ourselves and others. Our girls are now facing other challenges with social media by comparing themselves in a world that is just an illusion. It is time to take our power back and empower our girls with mindset tools that will support our girls in their journey.

Here are some tools to boost your daughter's self confidence.

Nourish her self love... Self love grows into self confidence!

Guide her in a self discovery journey where your daughter starts a relationship with herself, becoming her own BFF.

What does this look like?

Being compassionate... knowing that it's ok to make mistakes as she gets out of her own comfort zone.

The girls that come to my workshops sometimes face the challenge to open up at the beginning feeling uncomfortable in a new space with new girls. It's ok! We all have been there. Here is an opportunity to create a safe space where your daughter feels safe to express herself.

Give her your unconditional trust... Believe in her strengths!

She needs to feel your love and support even when she makes mistakes. Take a pause before reacting to any situation that might trigger you... think things through and see her for who she is.

Each girl is unique and has a set of qualities that makes her different from others... Celebrate her uniqueness!

Let's keep nourishing your daughter's self confidence....

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