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Let's Empower Our Girls!!

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Your daughter was born to “belong” not to fit in! Let her explore her strengths in sports by dismantling the limiting beliefs that disempower her. Sports are vital in a girl’s socio-emotional development. It’s where they learn to acquire life skills of teamwork, flexibility, responsibility, and accountability among others. These skills will prepare her for success in everything she sets her mind to.

As a Girlife facilitator, coach, and speaker I have heard the disempowering messages our girls get to hear constantly from social media, tv shows, society or even their parents. When I work with the girls, we get to dismantle the disempowering messages they get to hear on a regular basis. Some examples in sports are: girls are emotional and weak; girls can’t play sports; girls are dramatic; she must be acting up because she is in her time of the month. When speaking about how these messages make them feel, some girls express that it is funny because they know it’s not true. Others feel upset to hear those disempowering messages.

It’s tough! I know… As these disempowering messages are vital to a girl’s social and emotional development. Girls desire to play sports. Sports give them a sense of belonging to a team where SHE feels included and accepted for the way SHE is, not based on her appearance. The physical stigma plays a role in her success.

Establishing a sense of belonging starts at a young age when we create safe spaces for our girls to express themselves without being judged; where she feels confident about HER uniqueness; being herself no matter what others think. This means belonging in HER own skin.

Remember your daughter was born to “belong” not to fit in. Shattering those limiting beliefs (disempowering messages) starts at home when you support your daughter with unconditional love. Let her know that her uniqueness is more valuable than the standards society imposes on her. Provide HER with opportunities to play sports that she enjoys and where she can excel. She will know then that all she needs is to set her mind to extraordinary things.

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